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sports tape

I have completed the Sports Taping levels 1 and 2 courses run by a Physiotherapist at the department of Sport and Recreation and have a comprehensive range of strapping tapes and elastic adhesive bandages for sale at very competitive prices.

All tapes are flesh coloured and come with pinked edges to facilitate tearing off by hand.

The elastic adhesive bandages offer good support for strained muscles and expand as the muscle does, to continue supporting the weakened or damaged muscle fibres as they work.

Strapping Tape Size                           

25mm X 13.7m                                   $7.50

38mm X 13.7m                                  $10.50

50mm X 13.7m                                  $15.00

Elastic Adhesive Bandages

50mm X 4.5M                                    $10.50

75mm X 4.5m                                     $12.00

Dynafix Underwrap X 10m           $12.00

 Zen Therapeutic Tincture 100ml        $25.00      
Spray Pack